The Best Time For New Beginnings Is Now!

With everything being so uncertain now it’s no better time to focus on what’s most important in life. I often find myself complaining a lot about things that when you really think about aren’t that important. I have to remind myself that there’s no better time like now for new beginnings. Perfecting my craft, focusing on my daughters and family & simply just living in the moment. Times could be way worst then I make them out to be & I preach waking up with a grateful heart to my coworkers & friends but I’m finding that I need to start practicing what I actually preach.

Going forward I’m going to

 ♡ Pray harder

♡ Journal more

♡ Spend more time outdoors

♡ Eat healthier

♡ Focus on my long term goals for my business

♡ Live in the moment & worry less about the future

Not knowing what’s going to happen in the course of these next few days, weeks & months can be extremely scary & difficult to deal with but I’m trusting in myself & the lord that we will overcome this!!

Xoxo- Asia

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