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100% Natural Soy Candles 

 Our company gives you complete control of creating that perfect candle. From our container style to unique labels were sure you'll choose that one of a kind candle for you or your loved one. Our highly scented candles are hand-poured in individual batches, ensuring a quality product every time.

In a nutshell, our candles are the ISH.

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Giving our customer's 100% control of their candle shopping experience. Choosing your favorite fragrance to match one of our unique labels gives your complete control of your candle.

Mix & match fragrances with labels to create your unique candle. 


“From A Hobby to a Hustle”

What transformed from a hobby to a hustle "Her Candle Company" was created.
Since 2018 I've been hustling this small business with the help of my daughters Payden age 8 & Laila age 5 and I can definitely say that this business is my third child.

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MEET THE girls

“Mommy can I work the register”?

My daughters play a MAJOR role in helping me with our business. Payden (8) is amazing at customer service. She reads on a 8th grade level & helps me most of the time with typing. While Laila (5) helps out with shipping & packaging because she simply loves playing with the packing peanuts lol. My #1 goal as a mommy & business owner is to teach my daughters the importance of having your own.

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