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Our mission is simple: Empowering women to embrace their eccentric personalities through candles. Finding your purpose in life and what you are meant to be can be exhausting at times. Her Candle Company is here to help you understand you are not alone. To the full-time worker, SAHM, entrepreneur, to the girl in her 20’s who thinks life can’t get any worse, this is the company for you. 

You Got This Sis!

love always wins

Celebrating pride month is essential now more than ever. Here at Her Candle Company we believe in supporting ALL forms of love. Self Love, Pride Love, & Just Overall LOVE.


What is #HerStory Spotlight?
We are highlighting everyday women on our blog with our segment #HERSTORY. We love to hear how women juggle life, break generational curses, handle mom life, school, entrepreneurship, work & just overall LIFE! These last few years have been a change for us all and I don't know about you, but I could definitely use the pick-me-up and inspiration from more authentic women, doing amazing things, every day.

Meet Jalisa
Tell us your story?

Where do I begin? I am originally from Orangeburg SC. Love my hometown but quickly realize that in order to maximize my full potential I had to move but that’s easier said then done. I was raised in a single parent home which is sadly more common these days but I never let that discourage me from accomplishing my goals.

be the girl who decided to

This is for candle lovers!
Each month receive one of our 9 oz candles at your doorstep. Each month fill your home with one of our new fragrances + a new candle with a new monthly focus.