Welcome to Her Candle Company.

Our mission is simple: Empowering women to embrace their eccentric personalities through candles. Finding your purpose in life and what you are meant to be can be exhausting at times. Her Candle Company is here to help you understand you are not alone. To the full-time worker, SAHM, entrepreneur, to the girl in her 20’s who thinks life can’t get any worse, this is the company for you. 

You Got This Sis!

CANDLE OF THE MONTH monthly subscription

This is for candle lovers!
Each month receive one of our 9 oz candles at your doorstep. Each month fill your home with one of our new fragrances + a new candle with a new monthly focus.  


bringing candle making to you

HER mobile candle making experience

Are you ready to make your very own candle with Her Candle Company?This has been a goal for me since we first started candle-making in 2018. Candle-making for me was an outlet to relieve stress and express my creativity. I am delighted to finally be able to provide a safe space for you to create your very own candle and express your eccentric self through candle-making. While our end goal is a brick & mortar store for now our focus is creating an amazing space for you. Our Mobile Candle Making Experience brings the candle making TO YOU!!

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